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Saints of Carmel

Saints of Carmel

O Jesus, Savior of the world,
We come and for redemption plead,
Mother of God, his saving grace
Win for your children in their need.

All choirs of angels we invoke;
We beg the prophets of God’s call
And patriarchs who led us flock
To gain God’s pardon for us all.

O saints of Carmel, throned above
In Mary’s court, obtain this grace --
That where you are in glory now
We, too, may find a resting-place.

May martyrs, brave in word and deed,
Confessors, holy pastors pray,
And choirs of virgins intercede
That God may wash our sins away.

O blessed saints of solitude,
And all the heavenly company,
Obtain for us that life in God
Which lasts for all eternity.

Praise to the Father evermore
And to the Spirit he bestows,
To Jesus whom that Virgin bore
From whom all Carmel’s beauty flows.

Miriam of the Holy Spirit, OCD

For more information about the lives of various Carmelite Saints, please see Saints of Carmel by Louis Saggi, O.Carm. in the Carmelite Heritage section of our website.